Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Should I have Rhinoplasty?

Hello Everyone

After years of deliberating, I had a nose job this  morning (23 March 2010). It was a scary decision, so I hope to get some time over the next few weeks and months to give you an insight into my experience of the surgery and recovery.

I've wanted Rhinoplasty since I started secondary school at eleven years old. My nose always seemed a little too big for my face. Sometimes I thought, "what am I thinking? It's fine" and at other times I would spend hours putting pressure on the bump to try to reduce it. The problem was largely my profile: I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and the tip was too large.

After starting my first job and clearing some debt from University, I started saving, although for nothing in particular. When Christmas came round in 2009, I had some savings and decided to book a consultation at a clinic in Belfast. The consultation was booked for January and cost £100.

I met with the doctor who would be carrying out the surgery and we discussed the procedure, the risks and my expectations. I explained what I wanted ("my nose, but nicer"), we discussed what I saw as the problem areas and the doctor explained that we could reduce the bump, refine the tip and lift the nose slightly.

In hindsight, I probably should have booked a few more consultations at different clinics, but I guess the fee put me off. However I had a great feeling about the doctor and the clinic. He is registered with the 'British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons' (BAPRAS) - http://www.bapras.org.uk/ - specialises in Rhinoplasty and understood what I wanted. The fee for my procedure - Closed Rhinoplasty - was £3,500.

I took some time to mull over my decision and then about a week later I booked in for surgery on 23rd March, 2010.

And now I'm feeling a bit sleepy after surgery, so I'm off for a quick snooze before updating you on Day one!


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  1. What clinic in Belfast was it and what surgeon if you don't mind saying? I really want a consultation but I want to feel confident in the clinic and surgeon.