Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rhinoplasty Recovery - day two

By 10.30 am on day two, I had already eaten two breakfasts and four glasses of water. I was famished and so thirsty! 

I slept the whole night, from about 11.30pm to 7am. The nurse recommended sleeping almost upright,  propped up on pillows, which I thought would be uncomfortable, but it wasn't so bad. Although to be fair, I rarely wake up at 7am and if I do, it's very reluctantly. Maybe this is an unexpected side effect of my new nose? Oh dear.

Last night, I noticed that my nose and surrounding area had started to swell. My splint and plasters were very tight. It was painless - just uncomfortable. I had also avoided bruises, although the inner corners of my eye sockets felt a little tender if I put pressure on them. The plasters were uncomfortable too: I was very aware of them on my face and hated to think what my skin looked like underneath. However this was all entirely superficial. I experienced minimal pain and I'm so surprised and grateful for this. Check out my blog post on how to minimise bruising after a nose job.  

The light bleeding from my nose stopped so I removed the gauze covering my nostrils. You can get quite a good idea of the shape and I like what I see so far, but I'm still nervous about seeing the results. My biggest concern is that the doctor removed 4mm of cartilage on either side of the tip of my nose. I hope it doesn't look too pinched or piggy.

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