Saturday, 1 May 2010

What does Rhinoplasty Involve?

I recently had my six week check-up, at which I asked what the surgery actually involved. I didn't want to know all the gory details beforehand, as I probably wouldn't have gone through with it. 

The doctor cut away cartilage and a small section of bone from the bridge of my nose. I asked him if he had rasped it, but he said that he didn't as he doesn't think it gives a great result. He also cut away two 4mm sections from either side of the tip to refine it and a small section from the cartilage/septum between my nostrils to lift the nose.

I'm still delighted with the results. My surgeon said that the nose will reduce even further in size over the next six months and asked me to come back then for a final check up.

On another note, my mum recently had surgery to reduce the lining of her nose (medical, not cosmetic). She was quite ill after coming round from general anaesthetic and her face was swollen for a few days. I was completely fine after the anaesthetic, but it just shows that it affects everyone differently.

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  1. Rhinoplasty is one of the most invasive plastic surgeries you can have. The recovery time is long and slow and your face will be swollen for a while. As for the anesthetic, it's like you said, it affects every perosn differently depending on the type of anesthetic used and your level of tolerance to different types of drugs.

    Glad to hear you're pleased with your results!