Sunday, 5 December 2010

Six months after Rhinoplasty

It's been six months since I had my nose job and I'm so happy with the decision -  it feels like I now have the right nose for my face. No-one noticed the difference either, which is what I hoped for. I think this highlights that it was a bigger deal for me than anyone else. So, for anyone struggling with something about their appearance that they don't like - chin up. No-one notices!

My nose has got neater and more refined over the last six months, although there wasn't too much swelling to begin with. At a total of £3,600, the surgery was expensive, but for me it was worth every penny. I feel happier and much more confident

As always, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about my experience of Rhinoplasty. And I would love to hear your success stories! Please feel free to email me on

Take care xx

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  1. Hi! I dont know if you'll get this as im a year late haha but i was researching into rhinoplasty and found your blog!

    I was just wondering what made you get it in the end? Cause i think our noses (well your old one!) sound quite similar, like i hate the way its so big at the tip and overhangs! it doesn't really bother me if i look in mirrors and sometimes i am quite happy with it but its more when i see pictures of me smiling or talking that i really really loathe it! i avoid pictures completey now where i have to smile in them. I was just looking for some advice really too like how did you deal with telling people you were getting the surgery? im more embarrassed about telling people (especially my family! but we're all really close) and them judging me. im dreading going to uni this september and having to be in pictures (my friends now know to leave the pictures or i cry when i see the result haha) as it totally lowers my self-esteem :/

    anywhooo sorry for the essay! im so happy for you and your new nose! haha! if you can reply please do as i would love some advice from someone who's done it! thank you! x

  2. Thanks for your experience explain here. Really, Rhinoplasty is a great idea and it also inspire me. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience mate but this isnt the case for everyone. My rhinoplasty was a nightmare and i am still regretting the day i decided to go for it.

  4. I was looking into rhinoplasty and found this blog, I wonder what made you finally decide to go and get the surgery? I notice some people really need the nose surgery for surgical reasons and for the purposes of self confidence

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. it was really nice to know about your treatment.Keep on posting.
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